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Monday, November 29, 2021

Expert: Phanar head’s visit increases probability of OCU-Uniates alliance

There is a stronger likelihood of concluding alliances between the OCU and the UGCC. Ruslan Bortnik, Director of the Ukrainian Institute of Politics, said this in a comment to the UOJ.

Assessing the possible consequences of the recent visit of the head of Phanar, which the expert described as political, Ruslan Bortnik noted that “this visit strengthens the influence of the Patriarch of Constantinople in Ukraine, allows expanding this influence by acquiring new stavropegia, increasing leverage on the Ukrainian government, while bolstering the position of the OCU.”

“It also increases the likelihood of some kind of alliance between the OCU and Greek Catholics,” the expert said.

The UOJ wrote that Patriarch Bartholomew presented the head of the UGCC with a panagia with his signature. The latter regarded the gift as recognition of the episcopal dignity of the entire UGCC.

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