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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Become a true impostor with an official Among Us costume

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you still need a costume (smh if you haven’t gotten one yet, Halloween is 46 days away, what are you doing?) might I recommend the new official Among Us crewmate costumes?

If you get one of these ridiculous inflatable outfits, you’ll surely fool everyone around you into believing you’re not suspicious in any way whatsoever. Definitely not an impostor, nope. Just see for yourself:

The costumes come in two sizes, an adult version and a kids version, and are available in four colors for each size. The adult size tops out at five feet, nine inches, so if you’re on the taller side, your ankles might stick out.

There are holes for your arms, though they don’t look like they let you reach very far in front of you. To stay truly camouflaged, you might want to wear a matching sweater.

On the left is what your arms will look like in one of the costumes.
Image: Amazon

In addition, the adult version looks to have a visor with a mirror effect to help hide your identity, while the kids version seems to have a mesh one so you can see who’s wearing it.

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