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‘I have nothing left to prove’: Tyson Fury cements place as best heavyweight of era after Deontay Wilder KO

Fury is not, however, a man to follow anyone else’s road or rather more specifically, anyone else’s nudge into retirement. Six years ago, then 27-year-old Fury dethroned Wladimir Klitschko, in Germany, winning the IBF, WBA and WBO titles. Few had expected the 6ft 9ins tall boxer from the traveller race to do it. 

Apart from those close to him, who knew his abilities, and what exists deep inside the man. But having outpointed Klitschko, Fury fell into a wilderness thereafter, ballooned to 27st in weight, fell into a depression, and has even admitted since that he had had suicidal thoughts while driving a sports car one day. 

But the journey back, and the transformational narrative – losing the weight, becoming an advocate for mental health awareness, claiming back the world title 20 months ago, then re-affirming it in a spellbinding heavyweight classic here – while still undefeated, does afford Fury the choice to walk away with the legacy of being an undefeated two-time heavyweight champion. But he runs to his own rhythm. 

His brother Tommy Fury, a boxer and reality TV star had his shirt off too at the after party, as brothers Shane and Hughie, ever present, watched over  at the nightclub. 

“We are a family who will do anything for each other,” Shane, the boxer’s younger brother, told me. “I have no actual role in the camp, but I am here for him. As all the family is. We breathe together, we die together. And it will never be any different.” 

As one of the world’s most renowned DJ’s – Steve Aoki – played a version of Bob Marley’s ‘Three Little Birds’ specifically for Fury and the gathered revellers sang loud and long, “don’t worry about a thing”, Paris Fury said she was “very proud” of her man, explaining that as the mother of his six children, she is “always nervous for him,” when he fights, and would be “happy when it’s all over”. 

There is little doubt, and Fury has admitted it, that Paris is his rock. You could see that union as they sat together in the raucous throng. 

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