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Emma B: Radio DJ ‘very sure’ she was flashed by Sarah Everard’s killer Wayne Couzens 13 years before murder

A radio DJ says she is “so very sure” she was flashed by Wayne Couzens 13 years before he went on to murder Sarah Everard – but police officers “laughed” off her report at the time.

Magic FM’s Emma Wilson, known by her stage name Emma B, said a man exposed himself to her in London in 2008 while she was pushing her baby in a pram.

After the news emerged that a Metropolitan Police officer had kidnapped, raped, and murdered Ms Everard, Ms Wilson said she “immediately” recognised him as the same man.

33-year-old marketing executive Sarah Everard was murdered by former police officer Wayne Couzens
Marketing executive Sarah Everard, 33, was murdered in March by Wayne Couzens who was a serving policeman at the time

She told Radio 4’s Women’s Hour: “I am so very sure it was him. It adds to the clamour of chances there were to stop this man.

“It was immediate. I said to my husband immediately, I think that is him.”

The incident was “violent” she said, adding: “It was aggressive, it was purposeful, it was calculated.

“I immediately thought I was in danger.”

The 50-year-old broadcaster said she called the police at the time but her report was laughed off.

She said: “He was playing with himself. And there were specifics about his state of arousal that they thought were quite amusing and it was really humiliating.

“I remember clearly saying to them, I really hope that this is all he needs to do. And I said that at the time because I was so struck by how feeble their response was.”

She added: “There’s a big part of me that really hopes it wasn’t him.

“Because, if it was, this is horrific.”

Ms Wilson said her family moved house the following year, in part because she no longer felt safe in the area.

Wayne Couzens
Wayne Couzens was given a whole life order for the murder of Ms Everard

Couzens was given a whole life order for the murder in March of Ms Everard, but police are now investigating whether he could be responsible for more crimes.

The radio DJ said that following the news of Couzens’s arrest “I didn’t say anything for a week or so because you can’t say things like this out loud unless you’re really sure.”

But, she added: “I’d heard the further reports about flashing incidents, and the positioning of where it was – that road that he did that on is a direct route down to Kent. It’s on the same road as the Swanley incidents.

“Number one, I can’t prove that it was him. But number two, I was laughed at. They laughed at me. They did. They laughed,” she told The Telegraph.

Priti Patel announces an inquiry into systematic failures
Home Secretary Priti Patel has announced an inquiry into systematic failures

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “On Friday, 8 October the Met received a complaint concerning an investigation into an alleged incident of indecent exposure that occurred in Greenwich in November 2008.

“The complaint is being assessed by officers from the Directorate of Professional Standards.”

It comes as another alleged victim claimed Couzens molested him in Deal, Kent, three years before Ms Everard’s murder.

The drag performer claims he was in costume when Couzens started molesting him at a bar before he propositioned him to have sex in an alley.

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Detectives are said to be conducting enquiries.

Home Secretary Priti Patel has announced an independent inquiry to look into the “systematic failures” that allowed Couzens to be employed as a police officer.

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