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Monday, October 25, 2021

Insulate Britain: Fighting breaks out as furious drivers drag protesters from the road

Fighting broke out at Insulate Britain’s latest stunt as protesters were dragged from the road by furious drivers.

In one video, a lorry driver cold be seen inching his HGV towards environmental campaigners who were sat on the tarmac in front of him. 

Clashes ensued between demonstrators and angry commuters on Wednesday morning, with demonstrators dragged off the roads by drivers near a busy industrial estate in Essex.

Around 20 protesters blocked the junction to St Clements Way and London Road, in Thurrock, forcing multiple vehicles including HGVs to stop and turn round.

Motorists ripped banners out of the hands of demonstrators as they sat and lay in the road. Others had glued themselves to the road, causing long queues of cars.

A female protester was almost run over after stopping in front of a blue Hyundai car, and was berated by the driver who told her “this is stupidity”.

Some members of the group were dragged off the road multiple times by drivers, allowing a handful of vehicles to pass through the human barricade.

Activists who were pulled away by their backpacks and clothing immediately returned to their spots and were seen sitting down again. 

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