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Polish hooligans at Wembley helped Hungary fans fight with British police

Videos shared online of the trouble at Wembley in the game between England and Hungary saw some supporters in the away end who fought against the police wearing Polish colours, with one clearly wearing a black top with the LKS Lodz logo.

There may well be questions raised over why more police were not deployed at Wembley this week, given Hungarian safety sources have confirmed that it is “very normal” for Polish and Hungarian supporters to join forces at games and often share fanbases when playing Western European teams.

That also raises questions about why the Hungarian Federation, who were responsible for the sale of the visiting allocation inside Wembley, allowed Polish fans to purchase tickets.

FARE, the anti-discrimination group, had observers at Wembley and chief executive Piara Power claimed that groups of Hungary and Poland fans share a number of far right ideologies, saying: “There’s quite a lot of points of convergence on anti-LGBTIQ and anting-Black Lives Matter.”

As well as the fighting, a large banner showing a line through a picture of somebody taking the knee was displayed as England’s players took the knee ahead of kick-off against Hungary.

A spokesman for the Hungary Football Federation insisted they reject all forms of racism, but claimed they were waiting to see if they receive a report on the incidents from the English FA before deciding whether or not to open their own investigation.

Even though the trouble happened inside the stadium and may have been carried out by UK-based Hungarian and Polish fans, Fifa could still decide to invoke the second game of the stadium ban Hungary were punished with for the racist chanting at England players in Budapest last month.

Hungary were hit by a fine and a two-game stadium ban, the second of which was suspended, but Fifa confirmed they will now investigate Tuesday night’s events.

In a statement, Fifa said: “Fifa is currently analysing reports of last night’s Fifa World Cup™ qualifier matches in order to determine the most appropriate action.

“Fifa strongly condemns the incidents at England v. Hungary and Albania v. Poland and would like to state that its position remains firm and resolute in rejecting any form of violence as well as any form of discrimination or abuse. Fifa has a very clear zero-tolerance stance against such abhorrent behaviour in football.”

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