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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Christmas sales brought forward by month in bid to avoid empty shelves

Peter Wilson, managing director at Cory Brothers shipping agency, said problems affecting shipping and transport was a global issue but added the UK has a “significant pinch point around HGV drivers and the demand on them to move goods from the ports”.

Asked if it will affect Christmas, he said it has the “potential” but stressed that the supply chain “will not fail in the UK”.

He added that consumers should “be sensible, think ahead, plan appropriately, and order your Christmas goods and the items that you need in a timely fashion to ensure that you have them”.

Oliver Dowden, co-chairman of the Conservative Party, insisted the Government was “working through these challenges” amid a build-up of cargo at UK ports.

Asked about potential Christmas shortages, he said: “The situation is improving, I’m confident that people will be able to get their toys for Christmas. Some buy people buy very early for Christmas, my wife is quite an early Christmas buyer, others buy later. I would say just buy as you do normally.”

Asked if Father Christmas would visit, Mr Dowden said: “Yes, I have children myself and they can be comfortable on that front.”

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