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Criminals are dressing up as police officers to enter homes illegally, Met warn

Criminals are dressing up as police officers in a bid to gain entry to people’s homes, the Met have warned, as a video emerged of two suspects chased out of an apartment block by angry residents.

Detectives are looking to speak to two men who are thought to have impersonated police officers in order to gain entry to the address in east London.

Officers from the Metropolitan Police were called at 6.51pm on Tuesday, following reports that the two men had attended a residential block in The Shaftesburys.

The woman who reported the incident said the men claimed to be police officers and were wearing “crude” uniforms, including caps, harnesses and batons.

They claimed they were there to search the property but were unable to produce identification when asked by the residents.

A man can be heard shouting “you’re not going nowhere, you’ll have to show me your ID”.

The woman who appears to be filming the clip tells the men “don’t touch my phone” shortly before they turn around and leave the block via the stairs.

One of the men wearing a cap bearing the word “police” appears to reach for a device on his shoulder in an apparent call for backup, saying the people filming are “being very aggressive”.

‘So you’re running away now, yeah? Don’t hide your face’

After being further challenged the men left the property and were followed before they fled in the direction of Abbey Road.

As the two men reach the exit, the woman filming declares: “So you’re running away now, yeah? Don’t hide your face.”

She later asks “where are you gonna go?” One of the men replies: “To my car.”

After walking for a while in the street, he adds, again appearing to lean his head towards his shoulder: “Yeah, she’s stalking me down the road.”

The woman then shouts: “Stop hiding your face if you’re the police.” One of the suspects then begins to run off. A second man is then seen running before the video ends.

Officers arrived and searched the area but were unable to locate the suspects.

The Met said it is not believed anything was stolen from the property and there were no reports of any physical injuries.

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