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People blessed with good genes can keep fit without breaking a sweat, claim experts

Better genetic make-up behind better strength

Their fitness levels were measured before and after exercise regimes and participants were grouped into genotypes based on their DNA.

Each gene possesses alleles, and the allele type can influence how effective that gene is. The researchers believe it is these alleles that cause people’s bodies to respond differently to the same exercises.

In total, the study identified 13 genes, and associated alleles, as being responsible for how well the body reacts to cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, and anaerobic power exercises.

On average, everyone saw a 10.97 per cent improvement in cardiovascular fitness, a 22 per cent increase in strength and 12 per cent increase in power, after the training.

However, some genotypes saw greater improvements and some less. There was a 3.8 per cent difference between the best and worst cardiovascular scores, and 10 per cent between the strength scores. There was also a 4.4 per cent difference in top and bottom power results. 

The team determined that about 72 per cent of the difference in strength ability was due to genetics. For cardiovascular, it was 44 per cent, and strength 10 per cent.

The remaining variations are influenced by other factors such as diet and nutrition, recovery, and injuries, according to the scientists.

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