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Thursday, October 28, 2021

The Good Life becomes the high life as stars smoke cannabis in stage revival

Kalidas said the stage show offered something new and would appeal to audiences too young to have seen the BBC sitcom.

“We aren’t just doing impressions of the original characters. We are taking them on a new journey which hopefully will be enjoyable for the audience, whether or not they are already fans,” she told The Stage.

She added that the character of Margo, memorably played on screen by Penelope Keith, “reminds me of some of my Indian aunties”.

Teaching modern Britain a lesson 

Hound said the play could teach modern Britain a valuable lesson about getting on with people regardless of ideological and political differences.

“At the moment, we are more than aware of our differences. Every front page, every time we open our phones, we’re aware of how different we are from people,” he said.

“And yet The Good Life, deep down and underpinning it all, is this idea that even though they’re different, there’s something about how similar they are that means they are never going to fall out.

“They start from the point of view ‘Well, we’re neighbours, we can’t fall out’. Whereas, in 2021, the point of view is a bit more ‘You’re my enemy, so you stay over there’.”

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