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Travis singer hospitalised after being attacked by sausage dog

Travis singer Fran Healy has revealed he ended up in hospital after being mauled by a sausage dog in Los Angeles. 

Healy, 48, rushed to help the dog after stumbling across a three-car pile up near his home in the Hollywood Hills.

Fearing it would be struck by another vehicle and killed, he leapt from his own car to come to its aid after spotting it in the middle of the busy road.

But he was left in agony after the Dachshund sank its teeth into his left hand leaving blood pouring from the wound as it tried to escape his grasp.

Healy attempted to put the dog into his porch but slipped and the dog fled.

His shocked neighbours noticed the blood and called an ambulance but the Glasgow-singer later drove himself to a nearby clinic where the wounds were treated. 

The dog was later recaptured unharmed and returned to its owner who lives in a property formerly owned by Fleetwood Mac star Stevie Nicks. 

Healy said: “I was driving down my hill and as I rounded a corner there were three cars jackknifed and from the middle of the chaos ran a Dachshund. 

“So I jumped out and chased it up the hill. Cars bomb down our hill and it would have been toast. So I tried to pick it up and it mauled the s— out my left hand.

“I held on, hoping to chuck it into our porch but then I slipped and it bolted off, leaving me p—ing blood all over the shop. So much blood. Then all the neighbours came out and one of them called an ambulance.

“I ran into the house and poured alcohol over the wounds, then I came out but it wasn’t an ambulance it was a massive fire engine.

“And I have to say, five Calvin Klein models got out and then I’m telling them about the dachshund and they suggested urgent care.

“By this time there was about 20 cars waiting to pass, I’m p—ing blood.”

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