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Hit parade: the top 10 most bashed bridges in Britain

Other entries in the top 10 include St John’s Street bridge in Lichfield, Staffordshire; Harlaxton Road bridge in Grantham, Lincolnshire; and Lower Downs Road bridge in Wimbledon, south London.

There were a total of 1,624 bridge strikes across Britain’s rail network in 2020/21 costing more than £5.5 million in delay and cancellation fees, according to Network Rail.

The number of strikes was down six per cent compared with the previous year, but there was still an average of more than four every day.

Lorry drivers urged to check height of their vehicles

Network Rail urged lorry drivers to check the height of their vehicles.

Sir Peter Hendy, chairman of Network Rail, said: “Bridge strikes cause unnecessary delays, costs and safety issues for road and rail users.

“To compound matters, they drain public funds, which should be used on upgrading and improving our network.”

He added that in recent years Network Rail has done a lot of work with partners across the industry to tackle this problem.

“While it’s encouraging to see numbers on the decline, there’s a lot more work to be done,” he said. “With Black Friday and Christmas fast approaching, we urge professional operators and drivers to properly plan their routes, know the height of their vehicles and look out for road signs warning of oncoming bridges.

“Those who don’t are at risk of losing their driver’s and operator’s licences, and Network Rail looks to recover the entire repair and delay costs from the driver’s employer.”

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