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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Thousands complain about Tesco advert featuring Santa with a Covid vaccine passport

Tesco’s TV advertising campaign featuring Father Christmas bearing a Covid vaccine passport has prompted more than 3,000 complaints – making it by far the most complained about ad of the year.

The ad, entitled “This Christmas, Nothing’s Stopping Us”, shows the supermarket’s customers determined to enjoy Christmas with family and friends after last year’s Covid restrictions.

However, in one scene a reporter appears on TV with “breaking news” that “Santa could be quarantined”.

Father Christmas is then shown presenting his Covid pass at border control, proving he has been vaccinated to a customs officer so he can enter the country without restriction.

The scene from the full 90-second ad sparked fierce debate on social media when it launched on Saturday night.

Television presenter and nutritionist Gillian McKeith tweeted: “£tesco has a new Christmas advert that celebrates £discrimination & £segregation via a fully jabbed Santa who shows his medical status!

“Who in their right mind in management thought this was a good idea? If you don’t £BoycottTesco then you are £complicit.”

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