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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Pictured: Redmaids’ High schoolgirls walk through Bristol in tradition dating back to 1634

Girls from Redmaids’ High in Bristol marked the founding of their school with a return to a grand tradition dating back to 1634. 

Led by the school’s Head Girls over 700 students aged seven to 18 walked through Bristol for a special service. 

The school’s annual Founders’ Commemoration Day dates back hundreds of years, and attracts people back to Bristol from across the country as alumnae, parents and members of the public line the route to watch the spectacle.

Redmaids’ said in a statement: “This is an extremely important day for us as we gather to celebrate the heritage of Redmaids’ High School, and remember our founding fathers who were progressive enough to pledge money for the education of Bristol’s young women.”

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