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Sunday, December 5, 2021

China’s ‘sophisticated’ military becomes first to fire projectile weapon from hypersonic aircraft

The US is putting more than $60 million (£44m) towards developing weapons to protect the country from hypersonic attacks following the news last month that China had successfully tested nuclear-capable missiles in space.

Over the last five years, China has conducted hundreds of hypersonic tests, whereas the US has carried out only nine, John Hyten, vice chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, said last week on CBS News.

China appears also to be building out large missile silos across the country, based on analysis of satellite images.

Beijing’s increasingly bellicose rhetoric, coupled with apparently increasing military prowess, has led to concerns that physical conflict could erupt. 

China previously dismissed reports of the hypersonic missile test, saying instead it was part of national space research efforts. 

The government has also always claimed that its military programme is only meant to ensure peace and stability especially in its own territory. The challenge, however, is that Beijing lays claim to disputed areas considered international waters, and entire swaths that belong to other nations. 

Leader Xi Jinping has made it a priority to modernise the country’s military, plunging billions into developing new weapons. 

China’s defence budget for 2021 was publicly stated at 1.36 trillion yuan (£160 billion), though experts generally believe that it spends far more than it discloses. 

Defence experts have long highlighted that the Chinese military’s biggest shortcoming is a lack of combat experience, making it hard to know just how soldiers would perform if under pressure in the field. 

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