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DIY beauty: How to shape eyebrows, remove shellac and more self-care tips for at home

Should I start using any peels or active ingredients?

“You can start using active ingredients on a daily basis, but don’t just buy anything too strong,” advises Dr Jack. “You don’t want to strip your epidermal barrier right back. It might be tempting to start using glycolic peels and retinol creams but you need to build up gradually, particularly if your skin is not used to it.” A good routine to start with is using a comfortable vitamin C serum in the morning, such as Vitamin C Repair Serum by Balance Me, £25.60, with something nourishing in the evening such as a face oil or hydrating serum.

Are there any gadgets I can use at home to help my skin?

Investing in a silicon LED face mask, which emits red light onto your skin, can really help the skin and stress levels for men and women. “LED has a balancing effect on our bodies, which can benefit us in more ways than one,” says Laura Ferguson, co-founder of The Light Salon. “The lights can help lower cortisol, our stress hormone, and trigger the release of nitric oxide within each cell, our de-stress hormone. Red light also boosts the production of serotonin and dopamine, our happy hormones.” As for your skin, expect a more hydrated, youthful glow with daily use. ( Try the Boost face mask by The Light Salon, £395).

How can I make my fillers or Botox last longer?

“Botox and fillers are injected deep into the skin to the muscle and deeper into the fat so it isn’t possible to use anything topically to prolong their life,” Dr Jack advises. “The only thing you can really do is to use good skincare at the moment and stay healthy. There will be time enough to sort out any issues when we are back to normal.”

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