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Katherine Ryan: ‘I went to the Playboy Mansion while Hugh Hefner was alive’

When I tour, I mostly do it in the UK and Europe 

People will say, “Have you been to Cardiff? Have you been to Aberdeen? Have you been to Scunthorpe?” I’ve been everywhere, but not seen anything. I arrive, I check in, I get glam, I go to the venue, and I go home. Comedians know only service stations and venues. We’re always happy to do gigs in the north, because people in places like Hull and Leeds are so friendly. And Scotland is one of my favourite places; the people are really funny, and seem more Canadian the further north you get.

My favourite place to have a drink is Tavern On The Green, in New York City. 

It’s inside Central Park and it has a delicious menu and beautiful cocktails – or you can have a nice glass of white wine. If you go there in the evening, there are little twinkling fairy lights, and you can eat outside on the patio. I went there for brunch with my mother, and there are lovely little paddle boats and a pond.

As children, we often went to Ireland because my dad was homesick 

He only moved to Canada aged 30, but he grew up in Cork when it was a bit rougher – he didn’t have shoes! My dad loved sailing and would take us to Cobh and Kinsale. I can now see how lucky I was, but back then I took for granted that scenery, those pubs and those people. I just wasn’t the right age to be there. My daughter was christened in Ireland – and now that we have a new baby, Frederick, we want to get to Ireland as soon as possible.

I love spice, coriander, fresh guacamole, lime and margaritas 

I would love to have experienced the street food in Punta Mita, Mexico – but I didn’t. My step­father, who is vegan, went to a market there where the menu board was all in Spanish. He asked for a taco with beans, but there was a language barrier and he ended up eating a taco with sheep’s brains. When he recounted that mistake, I got a little scared and would only eat at the Four Seasons.

There’s a Mexican taco truck in Los Angeles called Tacos y Birria La Unica, on Olympic Boulevard

Its tacos are to die for. They make their own and they are really affordable.

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