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Rage across Europe as Covid lockdowns and curbs trigger riots

As Europe endured fresh violence, in Britain, Sajid Javid insisted that no such measures were necessary, saying he hoped that people can “look forward to Christmas together”.

The Health Secretary played down the likelihood of tougher curbs being introduced in England despite cases surging on the Continent.

Mr Javid said the “one big difference” between Britain and parts of Europe where coronavirus is soaring is the UK’s vaccine booster programme. 

“It’s the most successful of Europe,” he told BBC One’s Andrew Marr Show on Sunday, adding it is “absolutely key for us to keep this virus at bay”.

The UK has completed 15 million booster doses, with 25 per cent of over-12s covered.

He also highlighted that the UK “made a tough decision back at the start of the summer” to open up, while “other countries didn’t follow our course”.

Despite Mr Javid’s upbeat tone, he warned that the public must “remain cautious, not complacent in any way”, describing the virus as “very unpredictable”.

He also stressed that taking up the flu vaccine was “just as important this winter” as receiving a Covid booster shot, in order to prevent the NHS from being overwhelmed.

A government source echoed his sentiments on Sunday night, telling The Telegraph: “The current data shows no sign of a need to change course. Whilst we always remain vigilant, Plan A is working. But the most important way to minimise risk against the virus is to come forward for a booster jab when called.”

The Health Secretary vowed earlier in the day that Britain will not consider making vaccines mandatory for the general population.

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