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Six stylish women on how to pack for your chicest autumn break yet

On a recent trip to visit Bosjes, her family farm in Western Cape, South Africa, Petro Stofberg navigated the Northern-to-Southern-hemisphere temperature change with warm, light layers. “It’s winter when you take off and summer when you land, so on the flight I wear a good quality linen T-shirt, a warm cashmere jumper which folds away to nothing, lightweight chinos and trainers. I also take a large scarf which can double as a wrap or be used to sleep on the plane.” When it comes to outerwear, Stofberg leaves bulky puffers at home, instead reaching for a lightweight rain jacket which acts as a wind-proof layer and comes in handy in the event of a wet holiday day. 

“To stop myself overpacking, I choose a hero piece with three of four colours in, then pack everything else using that palette,” she shares. “That way I know each piece will work with everything else, and I don’t take clothes I won’t wear.”

“For country getaways, always take good waterproofs – and a swimsuit” 

Martha Ward, fashion director of Condé Nast Traveller Global, stylist and brand consultant 

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