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What to wear with grey hair: ideas for an ageless, flattering wardrobe

Many women nowadays are deciding to embrace the grey. To ditch the blonde dye and let your natural hair colour shine through. The transition process might take longer than expected but few have any regrets.

Has grey hair changed the colours one can wear? Well, yes and no. Classic navy and indigo denim are here for the long haul – as Cézanne once said, ‘blue gives other colours their vibration’ – and I find it makes the perfect backdrop. 

Rather than dramatically revamping your wardrobe, why not try gradually allowing other tones in – adding golden yellow, burnt orange and rose pink. Perhaps you’ve never worn pink in your life but try rocking the raspberry – you might find you love it.

Now, you don’t need to drench yourself in neon brights or persuade you that platinum hair looks best with purple. Style is personal and a cracking colour combination is one that works for the individual. Brilliant hues and an eye-popping colour clash can look fabulous with grey hair. Ditto a bold lipstick. But there’s no need to go all-out if theatricality is not for you.

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