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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Bryson DeChambeau versus Brooks Koepka: the farcical grudge match with money the driving factor

Soon, the fans at PGA Tour events inevitably became involved, shouting “Brooksy” at DeChambeau. The Tour had the miscreants evicted and later changed their rules to protect their cosseted multi-millionaires from the hell of being heckled with someone else’s name. 

And what made it all the more pathetic and repugnant is that the Tour appeared to turn a blind eye.

By introducing the $40m Player Impact Program that rewards pros not on their golf, but essentially on the numbers they get off-course – their “digital footprint” – the officials basically implored their superstars to go above and beyond in bringing attention to themselves and thus, by extension, the circuit. 

Brooks versus Bryson is the result. Before the enmity would not have been hyped. Now it made complete financial sense to the warring duo.

And it must do to the Tour itself, because they are involved in this grotesque, mic’d-up farce. The Tour is setting up the course and is giving “The Match” projection on the homepage of its website. As ever, they will point out that so much is being donated to “charidee” and insist that no, they are not pandering to their superstars because of the threat of them signing with the Saudis. 

Believe what you want. Just understand that the viewers are being taken for mugs once more in a meaningless, cynical, dollar-swoop. And much, much worse, the cancer of bullying is seemingly being ignored in the name of sport. 

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