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How to make the most of small spaces

A small living room needn’t stop you from having plenty of seating, as this one by interior designer Sarah Peake demonstrates. The choice of furniture is particularly important where space is tight. 

Here, the L-shaped sofa provides plenty of lounging space, without looking too imposing, the glass-topped coffee table allows the eye to travel through it, creating the illusion of more space, and furniture with legs, such as the armchair, gives a similar effect.

Good storage is essential in a small space. Here, the bespoke cabinets and bookshelves have been built around the television to make full use of the wall (and help to take the focus away from the screen). Integrating the wall lights into the cabinetry at the top is a clever trick that saves on wall space.

When it comes to accessories, Peake has stuck to a limited palette so that the overall look is cohesive and not too busy, with red and green accents against the off-white background. One large artwork, such as the wall hanging on the right, makes a room look bigger than a collection of smaller pieces would.

Top tips

  1. If you stick to a few colours, you can mix in different patterns, as Peake has done with the cushions and lampshade, to add interest.
  2. Detail is key: the skirting board has been painted to match one of the main colours in the wall hanging, and the side tables echo the door frame.
  3. A neutral background keeps the focus on the accessories, such as the artworks and books.
  4. Bespoke shelving all the way up to the ceiling maximises storage, and visually extends the height of the room.

The tiny bedroom

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