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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

In Australia, the cats are in lockdown while the people are free

Curfews also mean fewer “accidents with cars, cat fights, picking up diseases or pests, or getting lost”.

It adds that such restrictions lead to “less spraying and howling, causing dogs to bark… and defecating in gardens”.

The area around Canberra, the capital, will introduce a curfew for all new cats starting from next summer, while Knox, in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, is already trialling a 24-hour cat lockdown, due to come into full force from April 2022.

Bendigo councillors said that the measure would encourage responsible pet ownership. Owners will have to pay up to 125 Australian dollars, roughly £65, to reclaim their pet if it is found outside and held by the council.

Julie Sloan, one of Bendigo’s councillors, said residents would be given time, education and resources to prepare for the transition.

“It’s important to make a distinction that the proposal does not restrict cats to indoors 24/7. Rather cats must be contained to the property 24/7,” Ms Sloan told ABC, the Australian broadcaster.

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