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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Duchess of Cambridge ‘super impressed’ by teenagers learning the science of parenting

She seemed particularly impressed when one boy said he would utilise his new knowledge to help his siblings too.

“That’s so important,” she told him. “What happens if parents are around or they have work? What do you think about grandparents, aunts and uncles being there?

“I think what we are learning is that all of the people in a baby’s life are important. The more relationships they have, the better.”

Louise Voden, the headteacher at Nower Hill High School, said that the project had had “real resonance” with the children, adding: “We are so delighted that the Duchess chose to come to a large, mixed-ability comprehensive in London.

“We have a wide range of pupils, from those going to Oxford or Cambridge, to those who have more challenging education needs. But all of them have really benefited from this experience. We were really honoured to have hosted her visit.”

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