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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Einstein’s handwritten notes on theory of relativity sell for nearly £10m

Vincent Belloy, a Christie’s manuscript specialist, said: “The manuscript isn’t bound, and there are many different types of loose paper, so you get the impression of a working document that’s full of energy, as if both men would grab the first page they could find to scribble their findings on.

“What’s interesting is the sense of personality that comes across in these pages.

“You get the impression that Einstein was perhaps more confident in his calculations since his sheets are much lighter in terms of textual content and reserved almost exclusively for calculations. Besso, by contrast, often added written notes in the margin.”

He added: “Einstein makes errors in this manuscript, and that I think makes it even greater in a way, because we see the persistence, the thought that was in the process of being built, that is being corrected and redirected.”

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