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The 12 treats of Christmas TV: the shows to watch this festive season

Jules Verne’s evergreen adventure story has attracted numerous adaptations. Partly, this is due to the winning simplicity of the plot: a bored Victorian gentleman-adventurer undertakes a bet to circumnavigate the globe in less than, well, 80 days. But also it’s because in Phileas Fogg – enthusiast, idealist, slightly scatty inventor – Verne created such a charming hero. So this big-budget version, with the erstwhile Time Lord David Tennant as Fogg, and none other than Hans Zimmer scoring, should be a treat.

12. Attenborough and the Mammoth Graveyard/The Wonder of Song, BBC One

The hardest working nonagenarian in television, David Attenborough has two series out this Christmas. The first is a more personal project – an exploration of a British gravel quarry which, through a geological quirk, is one of the best-preserved sites of mammoth bones and Neanderthal life in the world. In The Wonder of Song, meanwhile, the great naturalist selects his favourites tunes and melodies (from nature, of course).

The Best Christmas Specials 

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