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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Former soldier charged with murder after Somerset couple stabbed to death in alleged ‘parking row’

“It’s horrendous. People park at bad angles, on corners, blocking driveways because the spaces are so limited,” resident Sharon Sedgbeer, 50, said.

On Wednesday, neighbours near where the incident took place said they heard a man shouting at the murder scene just minutes before police arrived.

“I heard a man outside. He was shouting,” the neighbour said.

“He was very sweary. I didn’t hear anything said in return. Just him.”

She continued: “I didn’t hear anyone shouting back, and given the distance from their house I think I would have done. So I assumed they were on the phone. But he was definitely talking to someone.”

Avon and Somerset Police said the incident on the Dragon Rise estate would be referred to the policing watchdog due to “prior police contact with those involved”.

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