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Monday, November 29, 2021

Fury as new Army regiment’s cap badge ‘identical’ to apartheid terror squad

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) said that the badge for the Ranger Regiment, which was established as part of the Army’s Future Soldier concept, had taken its “inspiration and spirit” from the peregrine falcon.

The MoD added that the bird was “the most geographically dispersed bird of prey globally, operating in all environments including deserts, mountains and cities, and notably loyal to its partner”.

Everyone serving in the Ranger Regiment will wear a metal badge, irrespective of rank.

It will be made in a gunmetal grey colour that has been chosen for the Regimental beret and Stable Belt, taking inspiration from the peregrine falcon’s grey plumage.

The Selous Scouts’ metal badge was also designed on a bird of prey, the osprey, which was shown in an incoming strike pose with the banner beneath its claws.

Comparison with Selous Scouts ‘inaccurate’

The Ranger Regiment was born out of the Army’s pledge to turn infantry soldiers into elite fighters to tackle “high-threat” missions abroad.

It will be part of a Special Operations Brigade that will work in support of Special Forces in high-threat environments.

Over the next four years, a share of £120 million will be invested into the unit, which will undertake roles traditionally carried out by the Special Air Service and Special Boat Service, such as training, advising, enabling and accompanying partner forces from foreign countries.

An Army spokesman said: “The Ranger Regiment cap badge has been designed around the peregrine falcon. Any comparison or association to the osprey depicted in the Selous Scouts’ cap badge is completely inaccurate.

“The Ranger Regiment is very proud of its new cap-badge which takes inspiration and spirit from the peregrine falcon; fast, agile and fiercely loyal to its partner, it operates around the world in all environments including deserts, mountains and cities.”

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