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The best restaurant meal-kits to avoid cooking Christmas dinner

Not everyone cooks on Christmas. That may come as a shock to some but, for a variety of reasons, millions won’t be tucking into their own turkeys and homemade roast potatoes. 

According to a report from 2018, one in 10 Britons ate out on Christmas day, more often than not at the pub. Others swapped the hassle of juggling multiple components in insufficient oven space for ready meals and takeaways. 

But what about those who want something in between? Restaurant-quality food without the hassle of leaving home; something a notch above even the poshest of microwave meals. Well, throughout the pandemic, restaurants switched to meal kits in order to make ends meet and, on the whole, these kits were very good.  

While most have stepped back, for obvious reasons, there are still plenty of brilliant options for Christmas. From Michelin-starred restaurants to high-street chains, here’s our pick of the best meal kits for an at-home Christmas feast. 

Made in Oldstead Christmas Day beef wellington menu 

I’ve never really enjoyed Christmas dinner cooked anywhere other than home – I suspect most people feel this way. I also hate pre-Christmas Christmas dinners. Would Michelin-starred chef Tommy Banks’ meal kit convert me? 

It’s a promising start. An amuse bouche of miniature financiers, made with chicory root from Banks’ own farm, are topped with a caramel-coloured onion purée and shavings of Parmesan-like Old Winchester cheese. Superb.

Next I assemble the simple starter of smoked salmon, buttermilk and sweet, vinegary pickled fennel. An excellent, refreshing combination. 

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