Richard Wilson remembers Antony Sher: ‘I gave him one piece of advice for playing Richard III’


Sher is best known for his stage roles. Does Wilson believe he should have been more of a star in other media, film or TV?

“I did tell him he should do more film,” he says, “but I think he loved theatre more. I think he enjoyed theatrical stardom.”

Wilson did not get to see Sher in his final weeks because, he says “he and Greg [Sher’s partner Gregory Doran, the artistic director of the Royal Shakespeare Company] were very keen on staying in Stratford-upon-Avon ”.

“But I did speak to him a couple of weeks ago and he seemed to be dealing with it terribly well and was in good spirits.

“I knew it was very serious, but the end came more suddenly than I thought it would.”

So Wilson has lost a great professional sparring partner, and more importantly, a true friend. What will he miss most about Sher? “His humour, without a doubt. But I can still think of all the good times we had together.”

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