Criminal complaint filed against Jude Bellingham for raising match-fixing past of referee


The DFB confirmed that a criminal complaint has been made to German police, and the case will be forwarded on to the Dortmund public prosecutor’s office, who are expected to rule on a decision over any potential charges to be brought against Bellingham later this week.

Bellingham was referring to a six-month ban served by Zwayer in 2005 following a match-fixing scandal.

His outburst saw a criminal complaint filed by Marco Haase, a voluntary referee observer for the DFB, and it was unclear on Monday whether it would be taken further amid suggestions doing so would require the cooperation of Zwayer himself.

The DFB has already opened its own investigation into Bellingham’s rant, which is certain to see him fined or banned.

Defending his decisions during Saturday’s game, Zwayer told Sky Germany he had checked his decision to award Bayern a penalty with the Video Assistant Referee.

“The video assistant made an assessment for himself and said that Hummels had his arm away from the body in an unnatural position,” he added.

“In the end, he clearly deflected the ball with his elbow and I came to the decision that it was a penalty.”


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