In defence of Chanel’s £610 advent calendar


In Chanel’s defence, everything included in the calendar was photographed and listed online. Any buyer of the calendar willing to part with such a substantial amount of cash would have done so knowing exactly what they were buying into.

 And when it comes to luxury brands, if you’re a die-hard Chanel fan who wants a one-of-the-kind collector’s piece in any shape or form, I can guarantee they wouldn’t be put off from purchasing it. Even if the contents included a Chanel-branded dustbag. 

Beauty advent calendars have become big business in recent years, whether you agree with the commercialisation of advent calendars or not. It’s one of the biggest opportunities for gifting in a beauty brand’s calendar. 

From Liberty’s paisley-printed beauty calendar that commands queues around the store in London as early as October, to almost every other retailer from John Lewis to Harrods having their own advent offering, there seems to be no signs of the craze waning. 

In fact, our nation’s appetite for tiny sample-sized beauty products behind cardboard doors is ever-increasing. And if it comes in a chic black and white box with glittering CC labels everywhere? All the better, quite frankly. 

What did you think of Chanel’s advent calendar? Let us know in the comments section 


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