The good, bad and bonkers of midlife male hobbies


They say that the best hobbies are the ones you can share with loved ones. Things like waltzing, cooking and gardening. Yes, it takes two to tango – but only one to have a hobby. That’s the point.

Sexy hobbies

Let’s be clear: these have nothing to do with sex. But if carpentry is your hobby, then you’re sexy. Try saying: ‘I’d love to put up some new shelves for you’ and see how many potential matches fall at your feet. You may end up having to put up those shelves, though, which is worth bearing in mind.

Model railways

There’s a common misconception that if you’re into building these, then you must be some sort of sad, nerdy trainspotter. Point out that lots of cool celebrities have big trainsets, like Rod Stewart and umm… well they’re great fun to make.

The bonkers

Extreme ironing

This is where you iron a piece of clothing while climbing a mountain or parachuting from the sky. Its sheer novelty value has made it a hit on social media. The thing is, men who do this will never do your actual ironing. My advice? Please, keep this hobby between you and your mates – especially the nude extreme ironing photos. It’s a guy thing.

Toy voyaging

Another social media-inspired craze, which sees you send your toy to a different country, arrange to have its photo taken and post that online. What is the point, I hear you ask? Men tinkering about in sheds may not be the coolest thing on earth, but bizarre social media fads are significantly worse.

Do you have an unusual hobby? Let us know in the comments section below


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