‘Help me turn my impulse buys into a cohesive wardrobe’


Model wears a flannel blazer, £295, silk/cotton blouse, £165, cord trousers, £185, and flannel slip-on trainers, £225, all Me+Em

I would put a blazer at the top of your wish list. It can be worn over dresses, under coats, with jeans and skirts, and smartens everything else you’re wearing. 

If you’re petite, avoid a boyfriend style and go for something more fitted. Consider brown, beige or navy if black isn’t for you – they look more chic with bright colours in any case.

You should also consider a pair of trousers that you can wear with your favourite blouses. The shape doesn’t really matter, as long as they suit you and are versatile enough to go with other items in your wardrobe. 

If you lean towards pussy-bow-style blouses, consider a slim-fitting pair; try a wide leg to balance more form-fitting tops.

Footwear is the next piece of the puzzle, and from autumn through to spring at least, a good pair of boots will serve you well. Depending on your work and lifestyle, these may be a pair of suede knee-highs or chunky Chelsea boots. You’ll also find a pair of smart leather or flannel trainers useful.


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