Watch: People stranded in cable cars overnight rescued amid icy conditions in Albuquerque


New Mexico search and rescue crews used ropes and helicopters on Saturday to rescue 21 people who were stranded overnight in two tram cars after an iced-over cable caused the cars to get stuck high up in the Sandia Mountains overlooking Albuquerque.

Lt. Robert Arguellas a Bernalillo County Fire Department spokesperson, said early Saturday afternoon that crews first rescued 20 people stranded in one car and several hours later rescued a 21st person stranded by themselves in a second car.

All the people on the two cars were employees of the Sandia Peak Aerial Tramway or a mountaintop restaurant, and the 20 in one car were being ferried down to the base of the mountains at the end of their workdays, Arguellas said.

The other employee had been heading up the mountain to provide overnight security when the tram system shut down Friday night due to icing, Arguellas said.

There were no reported injuries among those stranded, Arguellas added. “More just pretty frustrated.”


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