I believe Ghislaine will name names – history has shown what a desperate Maxwell is capable of


Even an hour before the announcement of the verdict on Wednesday, an American television producer for ABC News approach the Maxwell family lawyer, Leah Saffian, with a whisper. She quickly escorted him over to Ghislaine herself, where they proceeded to have a fifteen second conversation. As a documentary producer there is only one question to ask – Would you do an interview with me after the trial? Judging by the smiles exchanged, Maxwell appeared to me to be agreeable to cooperate from the comfort of an imminent acquittal.

The upbeat energy at the defence table was in stark contrast to that of the prosecutors, who, poker faced, seemed prepared to lose.

This is why the guilty verdict is so satisfying. We have watched people like the Maxwells, Jeffrey Epstein and a coterie of disgraceful international power players and heads of state essentially “get away with it” for years. So when Ghislaine Maxwell, after skirting the law and leaving havoc in her wake finally gets her comeuppance, the shock waves are real for all.

Based on what I have gleaned – and despite her brother Ian’s assurances to the media last week – I believe Ghislaine will name names to shave off prison time. There are, let’s face it, some very nervous men out there right now – they should be, because Ghislaine is desperate and history has revealed what a desperate Maxwell is capable of. Survival, at all costs, is in their DNA and Ghislaine has run out of options.

Except for one. Reportedly, the kompromat – the compromising information that both she and Epstein worked so diligently to acquire for decades – was meant for times like these. 

We know that neither Epstein nor Maxwell did much. He barely had an education let alone a job. So the question of how they earned hundreds of millions in dollars lingers and Ghislaine has the answer. Her work involved infiltrating elite circles which she did with ease. Due to her upbringing, those rooms were familiar and she gladly allowed Epstein to exploit those contacts for nefarious motives.  

The kompromat likely contains information beyond documenting men with underage girls. It may also point to where these men hid their billions in legal and illicit funds, along with other horrible deeds that Epstein documented.


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