8 best and most essential vitamin supplements every woman needs to take in their 40s in winter 2022


All anyone’s asking me about these days is supplements; which ones help you to sleep, give skin a glow, boost immunity, curb anxiety, increase energy… it seems as though there is no bigger beauty must-have than optimum health.

In August 2020, Net-a-Porter reported a 59 per cent increase in wellness sales since March the same year – driven by premium supplements. Speaking with Dr Paul Clayton, fellow of The Institute of Food, Brain and Behaviour at Oxford, and a leading expert in the field of ‘pharmaco- nutrition’ (medical grade), we discussed the confusing world of supplements.

The question on everyone’s lips is: which ones are actually worth taking? He bluntly replied: not many. What? Surely omega-3 fish oil is a no-brainer? ‘There’s little evidence to suggest it works,’ he shrugged.

Yet, he proceeded to wax lyrical about turmeric extract, a potent anti-inflammatory. He insisted that it’s only worth taking evidence-backed ingredients of the highest order and recommended I try Lyma, one of a new wave of clinically proven supplements that curb anxiety, increase focus, boost immunity – and transform skin, hair and nails.

Having got to the end of my third month’s supply, I can vouch for glowing skin and nails that don’t break as easily. I feel more Zen and the brain fog has disappeared. My hair isn’t looking shinier, but then again, I drench it in peroxide every chance I get. If you can afford to part with £149 a month, I’d say it’s an investment worth making.

If you’d rather buy shoes (fair point), Henrietta Norton of Wild Nutrition says the key vitamins to take over 40 are zinc for immunity, D3 for bone health and reducing inflammation, and omega-fatty acids for healthy skin, gut and heart (she’ll have to duke that one out with Dr Clayton).

Read below for my top eight expert-recommended supplements.

Best vitamin supplements for women in their 40s


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