Bob Dylan’s lawyers say singer ‘will not be extorted’ by ‘malicious’ child sex assault claims


“’They could not have been more wrong. Mr Dylan seeks and will achieve justice, vindication and full accountability.’

Rounding on the accuser, Dylan’s lawyers continued: “According to her own website, plaintiff is a psychic who specialises in ‘channelling’ the deceased loved ones of grieving families — for a fee.”

Challenging her credibility, Dylan’s lawyers allege that she claimed to have been abducted by aliens.

The singer also alleged that she claimed to speak to dogs, cats, and other animals – both alive and dead – as well as insects and plants.

However, Peter Gleason, one of the lawyers acting on behalf of the accuser, said neither she nor her legal team would be bullied.

“Some people refer to Bob Dylan as a prophet. People have labels. More than half of Americans believe in psychic phenomena.

“If you’re going to attack somebody for their beliefs, you’re encroaching upon very dangerous territory,” Gleason told Rolling Stone.

“This is what this country is based on, freedom of beliefs. It shouldn’t divert our attention from the allegations. This case is about the facts.”

Bob Dylan’s devoted fans rallied behind the singer when the case was first filed, combing through archives to show that he was on tour away from New York when the alleged assaults took place.

Ann Daniel, a lawyer for the University of Virginia, said he performed live in Berkeley, California on April 3, 1965, Vancouver on April 9, Portland on April 23, and Seattle on the following day.

The singer left for the UK and did not return to the US until June 2.

The accuser’s lawyers allege that the singer could have returned to New York for a fortnight in April 1965.

However other fans Dylan fans claim that his son, Jesse, must have been conceived with his partner, Sarah Lownds when the alleged assaults took place.

Dylan, a father of six, was awarded a Nobel Prize in literature in 2016 and is worth an estimated $350 million.


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