I wonder to this day…did her father survive? Photographer Heathcliff O’Malley on how capturing 9/11 still haunts him

“It was like a beautiful summer’s day, then I heard this enormous roar.”

Heathcliff O’Malley, a veteran photographer with The Telegraph, had been sent to cover New York Fashion Week. It was September 11, 2001.   

His phone rang. There were reports of a plane crash at the World Trade Center and he was asked to take a look.

Watch the video as Heathcliff takes us through that unforgettable morning in Manhattan, from the dust, noise and chaos, to a quietly haunting moment with a woman searching for her father. A moment that still plays on his mind to this day. 

This is the first episode in a video and podcast series from The Telegraph, featuring the stories of our journalists who have had front-row seats at monumental moments in history.

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