The countries that might finally reopen to British travellers in 2022



Reopening prospects: Good

Unlike some other countries in south-east Asia, which are doubling down on border closures, the outlook for holidays to Vietnam in 2022 is more promising. 

After almost two years, commercial flights finally resumed to five countries (Cambodia, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and the US) at the start of January, and the government has given the green light for Ho Chi Minh City and the southern coastal region of Binh Dinh to welcome back foreign tourists under a trial vaccine passport scheme from later this month. 

Details are still to be confirmed, and it’s unclear whether British holidaymakers will be able to visit the country. Still, the move suggests the country is turning away from blanket bans and strict quarantine and is keen to revive its tourist economy, which usually comprises 10 per cent of its GDP. 


Reopening prospects: Good 

Little landlocked Laos is finally starting a phased reopening after almost two years cut off from the world. Since January 1, fully vaccinated visitors from a select group of countries, including the UK, have been able to travel to certain areas of the country on pre-booked tours. Further destinations are set to open from March and July, though details remain scant. 

Crucially, the key tourist destinations of temple town Luang Prabang, popular adventure sports hub Vang Vieng and capital Vientiane are included in the initial list of permitted destinations.

Tour companies must be registered with the Laos National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LNCCI) and no indication has been given about when individual travellers will be permitted to return.

A complication remains in that there are no direct flights from the UK to Laos. Most travellers to Laos transit through Thailand, which is still allowing transfers through Bangkok airport, though of course this could change if restrictions increase. 


Reopening prospects: Fair 

As Morocco put a ban on UK tourists even before the panic over omicron, it’s unlikely we’ll be welcomed back in the imminent future. As it stands, all flights and ferry services into and out of the country are suspended until at least January 31. 


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