7 reasons why Emily in Paris’s Sylvie should be your midlife style muse


There is a scene in the new season of Emily in Paris in which our protagonist, on holiday in St Tropez, glimpses her boss Sylvie emerging from a swim in the sea in a string bikini looking sensational, before greeting her handsome younger husband. 

It was, for me, a Television Moment for the midlife woman, far more powerful than the return of Carrie and Co in And Just Like That, or Kate Winslet’s uber-realistic everywoman detective in the very watchable Mare of Easttown. 

That’s because Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, who plays Sylvie, is 58, and both the actress and the character represent a kind of attainable sophistication, elegance and youthful joie de vivre without looking like she’s tried too hard.

She looks good for her age, without a doubt, but she’s also not hiding from it. I wouldn’t be surprised if she spent a lot of time in the Pilates studio, but if she’s had anything done to her face, it’s imperceptible. 


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