Like Janet Jackson, I’m a firm believer that the secret to looking good is a little ‘zhuzh’


But what I don’t understand is the thinking that in 2022, it must be one or the other. There’s no shame in being someone who fully adopts a natural approach to ageing, nor someone who would rather have cosmetic interventions to make them look and feel better. And, for some women – a lot, in fact – having a little sprinkle of Botox here and there doesn’t mean that they’re on a sliding slope of having a full-on facelift ten years later.

Also what is so brilliant is that these cosmetic interventions don’t necessarily mean that a doctor is wielding a needle in your face, either. In fact, beauty treatments have come so far that it’s very popular now to have skin-improving treatments such as radiofrequency and microneedling every couple of months in a ‘little and often’ approach that keeps your skin in good check.

I fully plan to ‘age gracefully’, but as someone who has a solid skincare routine already, what do I do when I feel like the creams just aren’t cutting it? I’ll be turning to a few little treatments, I’m sure. Something – whether it’s a light peel, or indeed a skin-boosting injectable – that can give you a youthful look while still looking like yourself. So is it only either a little bit of zhuzh or ageing gracefully? I don’t think so. They two can work harmoniously together, and make you look and feel better in the process.


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