James Anderson: My response to Michael Vaughan and why I’m going nowhere


It is hard to win Test series with low scores but we have not been good enough in all areas really and they have played well. Yes our scores have not been high enough but there have been two games when we have not even bowled them out in the first innings. We are yet to take 20 wickets in a Test. It is not just the batsmen’s fault. Bowlers have to take some responsibility as well.

You need to start winning, especially if you have a youngish side. Those players need to learn how to win. The wins have been pretty scarce. This series has been disappointing but generally it has been a disappointing 18-month period. We lost both series in the English summer which had never happened in my career before. We are still trying to find a way to get results.

Everything will be looked at after this series. Using the Kookaburra in county cricket has been suggested. 

You could not use the Kookaburra they have in Australia in county cricket. They would have to put an extra layer of coating on it. We had to change the ball in Sydney a lot because it ballooned up due to the wet outfield. 

But if they manufacture a ball suited to English weather, I would not be against using it. It could be a good thing to give younger bowlers experience with a Kookaburra ball so it is not foreign for them if they play Test cricket abroad. 

County pitches will be looked at too no doubt. I grew up at Old Trafford and still play championship cricket there. They are great batting pitches, and the county games we play are as close as you will get to a Test pitch in England. 

I’ve played on some poor pitches in county cricket too but you play on poor pitches sometimes in Test cricket as well. We can’t use it as an excuse. 

If I don’t play in Hobart I will be quite proud my last Ashes cricket in Australia was getting the big block out to Steve Smith. 

There would be more pride if I had been facing Mitchell Starc and Pat Cummins, no offence to Steve. I felt like it was a break of luck that the seamers could not bowl because of the light. It made me more confident in the dressing room. 

It was a nice moment to be with Stuart Broad at the end as well, walking off the field together, not with a win but at least a slight sense of achievement. 

There was a bit of chat from the close fielders about my reverse sweep and whether I would get that out. The Shannon Gabriel (“why did he do that?”) thing came up as well but I was just concentrating at that point and delighted when Steve dragged down the last ball and bowled a long hop. 

We shared a smile when he did not land it where he wanted to. I said “what was that?” Tongue in cheek. It was a nice moment. 


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