Cristiano Ronaldo: Impossible for Manchester United to compete with current attitude problem


Ronaldo – who revealed that he could carry on playing until he is 42 – complained in an interview before United’s 5-0 mauling by Liverpool in October that some of the younger generation of players want things too easily.

There have been reports of tensions with Mason Greenwood, United’s 20-year-old striker, and Ronaldo believes younger players will continue to find things difficult if they fail to heed the advice given to them.

“The mature players, the older players, they can always help the young players,” he told broadcasters this week. “If I give you advice, even if you are younger than me, if you don’t implant that during your daily life, it will be difficult.

“I can speak all day with that person, but if it’s not coming from inside of you, it’s impossible. I remember, when I was 18, 19, 20, some older players spoke with me, but I put that as ‘Cristiano, you have to improve – they know more than you, they are more experienced than you, they passed through many bad moments’.

“But other people, they don’t accept that, if you criticise them. I don’t say this in relation to our players, but in general. I have kids, I know. Sometimes when you’re a little bit harder, they do the opposite, so you have to find the right balance to speak with them.

“But, in my opinion, the main point is that it should come from inside of you. You should be proud of yourself and look in the mirror and say ‘Listen, I give everything’. I think all of us should do that, because it’s a new year, we change the page, we have many things to win and we have to believe in that. If not, it will be a nightmare.

“The individual is the most important thing. We are here to help and if they need my help, and my support and my advice, I will be the No.1 to help. But if you don’t want my help, do your job, look for yourself, and do your best to help the team.”

Asked what would constitute success this season, Ronaldo said: “To win one title, to go through in the Champions League and be at least – right now the way we are – to be in the top four.”

Despite his exasperations at United’s form and problems, Ronaldo says he and his family are settled in Manchester and suggested he could play until he was 42.  “I’m in a moment of my life that I’m settled,” he said. “For me, it’s another step in my career. It’s good. Family is happy, kids are happy, I’m happy, and I want to carry on like that.

“Genetically I feel like I’m … not going to say 25 because I’d be exaggerating. But around 30 years old. I take great care of my body and my mind. 

“I’m happy, I want to stay here and see what will happen. I want to find out if I’m going to play until I’m 40, 41, or 42, but the most important thing is that my daily goal is to enjoy the moment.”


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