Tory heartlands turn against Boris Johnson in wake of ‘partygate’


In the subsequent election, the Conservatives took nine seats from Labour in the West Midlands, cementing what has become one of its strongholds in the UK.

Late last year, things began to change, after the seat in North Shropshire, previously held by Owen Paterson was lost to Liberal Democrats – their only seat in the area – following a drawn-out scandal over sleaze and lobbying.

Following the stories about parties in the heart of Government, the public mood has turned against the Prime Minister in other areas of the West Midlands.

In Dudley North, one of those seats won by the Conservatives in 2019, Diana Thacker said on Friday: “I voted Conservative, I’ve always voted conservative. I don’t know if I would vote for them again though.”

One market trader added: “He should resign. The invitation said “bring your own beer. He knew it was a party.”

‘One rule for them, and one for us’

Several people in the market town repeated the line that the Labour party has trumpeted from the airwaves following every scandal, that it is “one rule for them, and one for us”.

Jason Perry, 43, a business owner, who voted Conservative in 2019, said: “It’s shocking, especially the party during the first lockdown. He needs to resign, really.”

“I couldn’t see my family. I was on the fence about Boris Johnson but this is definitely a shove in the other way.

“All my friends and family think it’s shocking too.”


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