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Part futuristic Deliveroo simulator, part surreal horror, part relaxing stroll through unspoilt landscapes and a big part Hideo Kojima vanity project, Death Stranding is never less than fascinating. As Sam Porter-Bridges (played by Norman Reedus), you must deliver packages across a post-apocalyptic USA in which humanity now largely lives underground. 

Death Stranding is extraordinarily weird and dares to bore, making you manage your ever-increasing load threatening to topple you over as you skip over rocks and lakes. To describe Death Stranding often seems like some terrible fever dream -to give you an idea, one of the first missions proper is carrying the corpse of your dead mother to a furnace before she explodes- but playing it is a curiously all-encompassing trek. Most smartly is how other players on your network, making their own way through this bewildering land, help you out by laying ladders, bridges and waypoints.

Add in Kojima’s trademark frenetic, convoluted storytelling and surrealist characters and you have the year’s most intriguing blockbuster, even if it’s not for everyone.

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