‘Partygate allegations have exposed the true Boris’: Readers on the week’s biggest stories

‘Democracy is worth fighting for – but I don’t know anywhere that has one’

@Ima Claret:

“I do think that liberal democracy is worth fighting for but I don’t know anywhere that has one. Why America is always held up as a shining example of a perfect state is beyond me – you have to be a billionaire to be President, there isn’t universal suffrage and the separation of powers is non-existent.

“As with the UK, the system is ruled by the increasingly mega rich at the expense of a stable, hard working middle and working class. Crime and the criminal classes are flourishing. As for ‘freedoms’, Covid has shown how easy it is for ‘democracies’ to take these away for years without any appeal by its own citizens, most of whom acquiesce weakly.

“Here in Western Australia the state government has announced an extension of draconian rules which prevent its own citizens returning to their homes, not just from abroad but from other areas of Australia. This has now been going on for two years and counting, separating families and causing immense hardship.”

‘The West can do nothing more than make empty threats’

@Jon Burton:

“It’s been on the cards for a long time and it looks increasingly as if Vladimir Putin will march into another of his neighbouring countries and take what he wants. Sadly, the West can only look on, but it will most likely do nothing more than make a lot of empty threats and utter a lot of sanctimonious platitudes.

“That won’t worry Russia one iota – whilst the West is busy wallowing in self-recrimination, wokeness, saving the planet, trying to control nature and all the other nonsense that only the decadent and smug thinks important, Russia has ambitions and it will simply march on, unopposed.

“Countries that no longer care about affairs beyond their own borders will eventually go into decline and lose their influence and purpose. The cards have been on the table for a long time.”

‘Outsourcing industrial activity was a huge error’

@Mavis Giggleswade:

“Outsourcing industrial activity to China and other Asian nations because of their lower labour costs was a huge error. It offset our carbon emissions and salved out guilty imperial consciences. It also made China rich, powerful and able to bully the rest of the world.

“Our national organisations are staffed by apologists for something, anything and everything. Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping watch on, open mouthed and incredulous.”

Our Moscow correspondent, Nataliya Vasilyeva, and senior foreign correspondent, Roland Oliphant, answer your questions on the Ukraine crisis, here.

All Covid tests for fully-vaccinated travellers ditched

Boris Johnson confirmed that holidaymakers who are fully vaccinated will no longer have to take any Covid tests for travel abroad. Our readers agreed in believing that this is a positive step in the right direction, but some were still weary of how this could affect the spread of the virus.

‘All the what ifs completely spoil the idea’

@Victoria Louise:

“I don’t want to go abroad yet. Most politicians are still too volatile and the rules are changing too much and too often. What a nightmare if one of your group tests positive before or during your trip. What a nightmare if the rules change between booking and going away. What a nightmare if there’s an outbreak at your destination shortly before or during your stay. All the what ifs completely spoil the idea.

“I am starting to look at where to go in a few years time. Anywhere crazy like Australia, Canada and most of Europe are off the cards. But Mexico, Croatia and Cape Verde are looking promising at the moment.”‘

‘The only thing that had an iota of sense were the tests’

@Barry Martin Langley:

“This is ridiculous logic. You can still spread Covid jabbed or unjabbed. The only thing that had an iota of sense were the tests. Totally and utterly nonsensical thinking. It is following the same pattern of stupid decision-making throughout this pandemic.”

‘A move in the right direction’

@Suzanne Kuhn:

“A move in the right direction but, as usual, no detail to help travel agents field the volume of calls as to what defines ‘vaccinated’. Never was so much harm done to outbound and inbound travel for so little.”

American liberal elites are waking up to the benefits of Brexit 

Nigel Gardiner highlighted this week that previous US Brexit opponents, such as the Washington Post and New York Times, are now seeing the positives of Britain’s exit from the EU, especially during the current Ukraine crisis. Telegraph readers discuss their thoughts on Britain’s stance “as a pillar of freedom in Europe”.

‘Britain is freer now to make significant contributions to international affairs’

@ Paul Green:

“It is no coincidence that Britain is freer now to make significant contributions to international affairs. That always was one of the main points of Brexit. Leavers did not want our foreign policy to be submerged in the feeble, negative, self absorbed policies of the EU. Brexit was never only about GDP.”

‘The EU’s silence over the Ukraine crisis is deafening’

@Philippa Squeak:

“Just confirms the US has no idea about politics inside or outside the US. 

“The EU’s silence over the Ukraine crisis is deafening, from Germany and France in particular. We ignored Barack Obama’s meddling just before the referendum and Joe Biden’s dislike of the UK is completely misguided. 

“The best thing this country has done is leave the EU, and that is what Remainers still can’t accept.”

‘Brexiteers are proud of our country and our globalist approach’

@Moirelyn Jewula:

“No one knows better than us how one incursion into a foreign country leads to more and more countries being overtaken. Again history plays its vital role in understanding what has happened in the past has the potential to be repeated. 

“The EU’s approach of ‘let sleeping dogs lie’, pretending that nothing is going to happen and anyway if it does, it’s not our problem, echoes the mantra of see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Fortunately, we have such excellent Intelligence Services that we understand how Vladimir Putin’s mind works. 

“Brexiteers are proud of our country and our globalist approach, but they desired to be rid of the EU’s shackles.”

There will be no great rush back to the office – commuting is just too miserable

With many office workers returning to their desks this week, Lucy Burton argued that commuting is just too miserable with overpriced, overcrowded trains and high omicron cases. Telegraph readers took to the comments to share whether they will be returning to the office or not.

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