Medical tourism in Ukraine

Medical tourism in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the most promising countries in the field of medical tourism. Every year, the number of tourists who come here not only to visit cultural heritage sites, but also for health improvement is increasing. Private medicine in Ukraine is quite developed, here you can find clinics with modern equipment and innovative methods of treatment, including dentistry (more details at, reproductive medicine, ophthalmology, stem cell work, which are not inferior to European level, but at a much lower cost. Therefore, if you are going abroad for treatment, you should consider Ukraine as a host country.

Ukrainian healthcare system

In the early 2000s, medical tourism gradually began to develop here, but since then it has not lost momentum and continues to gain popularity. Every year, Ukrainians increase the variety and quality of the services provided, bringing their public and private medical institutions to the international level.

Advantages of Ukrainian medicine

Medical tourism in Ukraine has become a driving force for the following reasons:
1. Low treatment costs
So, if we compare standard tariffs in Europe and Ukraine, then the price will be 30-50% lower, but this will not affect the quality. So in this country you can stay longer and count the same amount for recovery or just have a good rest.
2. Excellent service
The number of visits to a doctor in Ukraine is increasing, as there is a wide variety of medical centers in the country. In a competitive environment, everyone strives to offer as much coverage and quality of service as possible at affordable prices.
3. All medical institutions that accept foreign tourists for treatment and rehabilitation have licenses and quality certificates issued by the Ministry of Health. The clinics accept doctors with relevant medical education, practicing and certified in different countries.
4. The tourist infrastructure is expanding.
In addition to good medical care, Ukraine offers visitors a unique experience. The developed tourism industry allows organizing and improving medical tourism and constantly improving the level of service.
So, if you are looking for ways to improve your health abroad, we suggest you consider Ukraine as your next destination.

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