A fire in the capital of India claimed the lives of 27 people: video

A large office building caught fire in Delhi.

On Friday, May 13, a large-scale fire broke out in an office building in New Delhi, the capital of India, in the afternoon. The incident killed 27 people.

It is reported by India Today.

The four-story house on fire is being used as office space by several companies. The fire broke out on the ground floor of a building that houses a company that manufactures security cameras and routers. More than 50 employees were rescued. The owner of the company at this time was detained by the police.

When the fire broke out, the local police immediately arrived on the scene and smashed the windows of the office building to rescue those trapped inside. Rescuers removed people from the burning building using lifting equipment and rope ladders.

The injured were admitted to the hospital. It was not possible to save 27 people, they died.

After the fire was extinguished, rescuers examined the site, but no more victims of the fire have yet been found. Several people are considered missing.

Recall that in the Chinese city of Chongqing at the Jiangbei International Airport , a passenger plane of Tibet Airlines caught fire . More than 40 people were injured in the incident.

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