Astrology and makeup: Arestovich registers a surname as a trademark for hundreds of types of services

Aleksey Arestovich, adviser to the head of the President’s Office, decided to register his surname as a trademark – TM Arestovich, Oleksiy Arestovich and Aleksey Arestovich.

Under these names , Arestovich plans to provide hundreds of types of services. Note that the application for registration of TM was submitted on April 1, 2022.

This is evidenced by the data of Ukrpatent, Maxim Popov, a partner at Mentors Law Firm,wrote on the Web.

Looking at the applications, Arestovich plans to provide the following services under his own name:

  • business and advertising consulting;
  • insurance and money services;
  • entertainment, educational services and event organization;
  • medical and veterinary services; agricultural services;
  • legal and personal services.

The representative of the adviser to the head of the OP when filing applications with Ukrpatent was Andreeva Elena Viktorovna. A person with that name appears in the YouControl database as the owner and director of the “Legal expert company she piel patents”.

“The representative of Arestovich decided not to choose specific services, but to copy the entire list. Therefore, Arestovich will be able to work as a makeup artist and provide obstetric services, lend on bail and arrange beauty contests, advise on astrology and open a detective agency,” wrote Popov.

He drew attention to another interesting fact for intellectual property lawyers: to the description of class 35, they even added what it does not cover: stationery, jewelry, beer, bags, juices, water, cigarettes and cigars. The lawyer suggested that this was an attempt to save on fees.

Recall that earlier Arestovich shared a drawing of his little son Alexander, who portrayed his father.

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